Definition of goof-proof in US English:



  • (of a product, procedure, etc.) designed to be simple enough for anyone to use or implement.

    ‘each comes with complete instructions and detailed illustrations that make the installation nearly goof-proof’
    • ‘I have tried to make these instructions relatively goofproof.’
    • ‘It's easy, goofproof and automatic - kind of, as the popular verbal shorthand goes, like TiVo for radio.’
    • ‘Some of the user reviews on ZDNET are pretty scary reading for someone who's looking for a goofproof printer.’
    • ‘A few of the preparations are repeats from his previous English books - but with the added benefit of goofproof step-by-step illustrations in classic Dorling Kindersley style.’
    • ‘The kit is a tad expensive, but it's so thorough, so incredibly goofproof, that you'll save millions in salon appointments!’
    • ‘The bottom line, Gary, is that no database is goofproof, not even in the video rental business, with your simple task of keeping 20,000 titles and 20,000 customers straight.’


[with object]informal
  • Design or adapt (a product, procedure, etc.) so that it is simple for anyone to use.

    ‘these simple steps can goof-proof your 1040’