Definition of gooey in English:



  • 1Soft and sticky.

    • ‘With that Andrew took out a Chewy bar from his pocket unwrapped it, and bit off a huge gooey, sticky, delicious chunk of it.’
    • ‘It has a nice crumbly crust, while the inside is 100% melty gooey chocolate goodness.’
    • ‘Prepare everything 48 hours in advance to allow the sugary chocolate to become gooey and sticky and begin to seep into the layers of creamy cranberry.’
    • ‘The thought of the soft middle, crunchy rim, and gooey chocolate morsels was enough to motivate me to win that bet.’
    • ‘But then she started picking up fast food and eating gooey desserts instead of preparing healthy dinners.’
    • ‘Alternatively, give ordinary croissants a makeover and stuff them with smoked salmon and gooey soft cheese.’
    • ‘The sticky toffee pud was hot and gooey and sent off a welcome dose of serotonin in the brain.’
    • ‘It had a tendency to mix with clay-rich mud to form a gooey, sticky gunk that adhered to everything.’
    • ‘He moved his hand to pick it up and felt something sticky and gooey.’
    • ‘I was starving, so was pleased that my sag aloo starter - a deliciously red, gooey mess of soft potato pieces in spices - was a decent size.’
    • ‘Part of the hesitation in making caramel corn is the sticky, gooey mess that remains once you've finished making it.’
    • ‘They were wonderfully soft and filled with bits of gooey caramel and chocolate.’
    • ‘The pastries lined up on the top showing sticky buns, gooey cinnamon rolls, Danishes of any style and pie tarts.’
    • ‘I turned my back for a second and the pan boiled over leaving the stove top in a sticky, gooey mess.’
    • ‘I can particularly recommend the banana tatin, which came with homemade ice-cream, or the gloriously rich and gooey chocolate pudding.’
    • ‘Your vertebrae are separated by soft, flexible disks that have a tough outer shell and a soft, gooey center.’
    • ‘Pudding, however, was a triumph, with Lucinda's chocolate fondant being a gooey delight.’
    • ‘Tammy whined while stuffing a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie in her mouth.’
    • ‘Abbey freely indulged in two of the huge, gooey chocolate chip cookies.’
    • ‘The cakes did rise, but there was a gooey soft spot in the center portion of each, just as the recipe intended.’
    adhesive, adherent, gummed
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    1. 1.1 Mawkishly sentimental.
      ‘you can love somebody without going all gooey’
      • ‘First you're led to believe this is a slapstick comedy, then comes the whole gooey, mushy angle.’
      • ‘Whilst not one to get sentimental about babies, it was hard not to become gooey and emotional at the site of these two tiny creatures.’
      • ‘Some say it's gooey and sentimental but I think it's beautiful.’
      • ‘Ted gets ever more gooey over Emmett, who is initially unreceptive but ultimately smitten.’
      • ‘There isn't a whole lot of gooey sentimentality and no symbolic Robert Frost poems.’
      • ‘The writers juggled a nice mix of comedy, drama and romance pretty well, only occasionally stumbling into gooey sentimentality.’
      • ‘I lost sight of Austin when some drippy, gooey slow song started to play.’
      • ‘The woman's face melted into a gooey, hopeless romantic expression and her eyes remained focused on me.’
      • ‘Everyone knows Dinah doesn't go gooey over babies, but I must say how impressed I am with the Zutano line of clothing for wee humans.’
      sentimental, mawkish, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, syrupy
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