Definition of goods and chattels in US English:

goods and chattels

plural noun

  • All kinds of personal possessions.

    ‘inventories of household goods and chattels’
    • ‘We can attach earnings to wages for those who are working, send in the bailiffs to recover goods and chattels, get access to funds in bank accounts or place a charge on the property so when it's eventually sold we can get the debt paid.’
    • ‘Must he obtain professional valuations of all his goods and chattels?’
    • ‘If the defendant is so resistant that he refuses to answer the complaint, he is to be distrained by all his goods and chattels, wherever found within the territorial jurisdiction of the bailiffs, until he comes to court.’
    • ‘The bailiffs shall have the power, at the petition or request of the plaintiff, to execute the judgement on the goods and chattels of the convicted party or his pledges at the court session next following the conviction.’
    • ‘Though it was a hot and heavy summer, somehow or other they managed to pack all their goods and chattels.’
    property, possessions, personal possessions, personal effects, effects, worldly goods, chattels, valuables, accoutrements, appurtenances, paraphernalia, trappings
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goods and chattels

/ɡʊdz ænd/