Definition of goodness of fit in US English:

goodness of fit


  • The extent to which observed data match the values expected by theory.

    • ‘On the basis of the goodness of fit between models and observations, a history of stationary population size can be confidently rejected for all three sets of samples.’
    • ‘In addition, we tested goodness of fit of the observed frequency spectrum to that expected under the neutrality and panmixis with constant population size.’
    • ‘The independent variable, the aggregate environmental index, E, did not have any statistical significance and did not improve the goodness of fit of the models to the data.’
    • ‘The statistics of the headway distribution and the goodness of fit between the observed and detected distributions are shown in Table 2.’
    • ‘We used a chi-square test of goodness of fit to test the null hypothesis that usage occurs in proportion to availability, considering all habitats simultaneously.’