Definition of good money in US English:

good money


  • 1Money that might usefully be spent elsewhere; hard-earned money.

    ‘I'm not going to pay good money for it’
    • ‘The fans have paid good money to see that rubbish.’
    • ‘I paid good money for that damn machine and it conks after six months.’
    • ‘On the one hand, I own the camera - it is mine and I paid good money for it.’
    • ‘Producers have to pay good money to get such high-yielding positions, just as a shop on the busiest part of the high street has to pay a higher rent.’
    • ‘Ultimately though, the real losers were the punters who paid good money only to see the football equivalent of watching paint dry.’
    • ‘On top of that, I paid out good money to purchase last season's tickets and that was after promises that if we sign up quickly it would give Stan time to plan for the future.’
    • ‘The taxpayer is paying good money but is getting a second-rate service.’
    • ‘They paid good money for that house are entitled to to their privacy.’
    • ‘Producers get paid good money to anticipate public tastes, and on this occasion my friend proved his worth.’
    • ‘He's paid out good money to have his teeth capped and cauliflower ear sorted.’
    • ‘People will not pay good money to sit on the same waiting lists as the rest of us: they will pay for and get preferential treatment.’
    • ‘Word soon got around the area's criminal fraternity that good money was being paid for phones without, so they thought, too many questions.’
    • ‘Tourists pay good money to ride elephants in northern Thailand.’
    • ‘That's the kind of innovative design feature which we pay good money for.’
    • ‘We geeks pay good money to see cool special effects and epic confrontations.’
    • ‘Regardless, they paid me good money to give them advice they were only going to ignore once it got escalated up the food chain.’
    • ‘Come on folks, we're paying good money to watch this game, let's have a decent length of play for our pennies please.’
    • ‘I pay good money to Microsoft for their software, and I don't do anything with it that isn't plain and simple personal usage.’
    • ‘So you can, in the art world, find good buys, but if you're actually going out to buy good artists, you will pay good money.’
    • ‘Well, he has paid good money for the privilege of having his body stretched every which way at York's newly-opened Pilates studio.’
    1. 1.1informal High wages.
      ‘I earn good money’
      • ‘He was there to earn good money taking a huge risk.’
      • ‘He was making good money and he told her that she did not have to work; she should stay home and look after their third child, Nicholas.’
      • ‘Usually, a lot of overseas players see the county season as a chance to get some good practice and make some good money.’
      • ‘You need a plan to get there - to get some skills companies will pay good money for!’
      • ‘The careers officer at school took one look and suggested teaching or mining, both of which paid good money at the time.’
      • ‘He added that Gibbs had sought to profit at the expense of others, in spite of earning good money in his work for a responsible company.’
      • ‘For the past 12 years, he had also written screenplays for Hollywood movies, which was a job that earned good money.’
      • ‘They continue to earn good money despite of their record of failures.’
      • ‘You also get the chance to be educated in almost any subject there is and get paid good money to be in the army.’
      • ‘To attract and retain good people, you need to pay good money.’
      • ‘He earned good money and had a beautiful apartment.’
      • ‘Of course, the argument goes, if you're paying good money, you might attract some good people to the job.’
      • ‘Some players earned good money from ambitious clubs, which charged admission in order to pay the players.’
      • ‘Aviation is now so complex and price sensitive that if you're not making good money, it's simply not worth the hassle.’
      • ‘There seems to be some good money to be made in that area.’
      • ‘While many comedians complain about the unlikelihood of making good money in this country, Reed takes a more optimistic view.’
      • ‘He could have stayed in the U.S., earned good money, gotten a green card and never looked back.’
      • ‘They were a means of earning good money but not a means of enhancing one's artistic reputation.’
      • ‘However, before you can start really earning good money, you've got to be properly trained.’
      • ‘At 20, he took a job with the Streets Department, and was soon earning good money driving a trash truck.’