Definition of good humor in US English:

good humor


  • A genial disposition or mood.

    ‘I admire your dignity and good humor’
    • ‘She made up her mind to go to her father the next morning and see what she could do to cheer him back to good humour.’
    • ‘It is brimming with photographs, good humour and the obvious satisfaction of a job well done.’
    • ‘Just as his good humour can transform the mood of a room, so too, it transpires, can his despondency.’
    • ‘Coleman has to be congratulated for his buoyant demeanor and good humor throughout the whole Olympia Weekend.’
    • ‘With this in mind he has once again updated his delightful pages of mirth and charitable good humor.’
    • ‘He is a man of small physical stature, brimming with jovial good humor.’
    • ‘This is achieved by fundraising at various times of the year, all done on a voluntary basis and with great good humour.’
    • ‘It takes a fair old pop at the psychiatric system, done I have to say with good humour and a certain amount of tongue-in-cheek.’
    • ‘A man of simple pleasures and infectious good humour, Joe was truly one of nature's gentle souls.’
    • ‘His talent was mixed with good humour and his willingness to see the better side of any situation was his great strength.’
    • ‘The wonder was that they did it with such blithe, unflappable grace and good humor.’
    • ‘What a wonderful man, his exuberance and good humor revealed by his choice of some truly astonishing ties.’
    • ‘Amid the anguish of his experience he has lived with contagious joy and rollicking good humor.’
    • ‘The Bordeaux fans stayed behind to give the Celtic supporters a round of applause, acknowledging their good humour.’
    • ‘She always seemed to be available, and always in cheerful good humor.’
    • ‘When he finally came back, he said with good humor that he had had ‘fun’ and didn't elaborate any further.’
    • ‘His warmth, good humour and skills as a raconteur were legendary to many.’
    • ‘Lots of fun and good humor was the order of the day, keeping any talk of tiredness or sore feet at bay!’
    • ‘It is an example of Marshall's style of filmmaking, characterised by its good humour and buoyant sense of fun.’
    • ‘He exemplified courage, dignity, good humour and unbending principle.’
    cheerfulness, cheer, light-heartedness, merriment, glee, gladness, happiness, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, delight, pleasure, high spirits, good spirits, good humour, jollity, jolliness, hilarity, mirth, joviality, exuberance, elation, exultation, euphoria, jubilation
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