Definition of good for (or on) you (or him, her, etc.)! in US English:

good for (or on) you (or him, her, etc.)!


  • Used as an exclamation of approval toward a person, especially for something that they have achieved.

    ‘“I'm taking my driving test next month.” “Good for you!”’
    • ‘She told me that she has been dating her boyfriend for three months now, to which I gave her an enthusiastic ‘wow, good for you!’’
    • ‘If your brother wants to kill Mortals, good for him!’
    • ‘If you are with me to see where I catch my fish, well hey, good on you!’
    • ‘Jeremy turned back around and said, ‘Oh, I see you got up all by yourself, and didn't need your mommy, good for you!’’
    • ‘‘Well,’ Margaret then said, tossing the letter aside, ‘good for him!’’
    • ‘If you tend to pay your credit card bill off in full each month (good for you!) you may already have one of these - a cashback credit card.’