Definition of good-naturedly in US English:



  • See good-natured

    • ‘I asked if I could fly one, and the young men of the family good-naturedly let me hold the string of a kite that was already aloft.’
    • ‘Most people accepted the leaflets good-naturedly (at least before they looked at the contents).’
    • ‘With that, he turned good-naturedly to his schoolmate.’
    • ‘Friends who live far apart geographically were brought together to good-naturedly discuss mutual interests or angrily denounce differing tastes.’
    • ‘Jamie Robinson is an expert skipper who, with the help of ship's mate Toby, good-naturedly fuses guests into a surprisingly competent crew.’



/ˈɡo͝od ˈˌnāCHərdlē/