Definition of good-heartedness in US English:



  • See good-hearted

    • ‘They were proud of what they tried to do because, you know, there was a good-heartedness behind all these endeavours, and they were glad to be able to talk about it, and they all did.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, life is good, the earth is beautiful, human customs enchanting, and we must face up to things with a degree of stoical good-heartedness.’
    • ‘That said, one can't help but admire the resilience and good-heartedness of the people of Wirt County, who chipped in to build an addition onto the Lynch house to make it wheelchair friendly for Jessi.’
    • ‘Along with his modesty, Hunter's unalterable good-heartedness contributed to his popularity.’
    • ‘They took him prisoner but, because of his good-heartedness, they shipped him to a camp on the Greek mainland instead.’