Definition of gonfalonier in US English:



  • The bearer of a gonfalon; a standard-bearer.

    • ‘The processional begins with the all-college gonfalonier, who leads in the faculty, followed by the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Education and Professional Studies gonfaloniers, who lead in the students.’
    • ‘The names of the gonfaloniers will be listed in the program.’
    • ‘It is borne at the head of all university processions by a senior faculty member known as the gonfalonier.’
    • ‘To be selected to be a gonfalonier is considered an honor, as their academic department chooses the person elected to carry it.’
    • ‘Fifty thousand citizens, along with Nobel laureates, European and Italian MPs and gonfaloniers from hundreds of cities, ask that Operation Survival, to save 5 million lives, be launched immediately.’