Definition of gonadotropin in US English:


(British gonadotrophin)


  • Any of a group of hormones secreted by the pituitary which stimulate the activity of the gonads.

    • ‘The estrogen also decreases secretion of gonadotropins by the anterior pituitary, with a consequent decrease in the amount of androgens produced by the ovaries.’
    • ‘Radiologic studies typically include pelvic ultrasound; laboratory data should be obtained regarding pertinent gonadotropins and other hormone levels.’
    • ‘The existence of a positive relationship between coital activities and both gonadotropins and androgens indicates the importance of these compounds to healthy vaginal epithelium when estrogen levels are decreased.’
    • ‘Testosterone is often linked with virility but treatment with the hormone can suppress the production of sperm by reducing levels of hormones called gonadotropins.’
    • ‘These gonadotropins in turn stimulate synthesis of steroid hormones in target tissues.’