Definition of golf umbrella in US English:

golf umbrella


  • A large umbrella of a type designed for use by golfers.

    ‘we carried colorful oversized golf umbrellas for shelter’
    • ‘There is no shade except for the many golf umbrellas that obscure my view of the stage.’
    • ‘He struggled through the wind with a massive golf umbrella to visit all that remained of the house of one of his ancestors.’
    • ‘Every year we would all end up in the living room, watching him cook in the rain with his tongs in one hand and a golf umbrella in the other.’
    • ‘Many of us know what it's like to be forced to seek shelter in the garage, shivering as the barbecue cook tries to keep the rain off the burgers with a leaky golf umbrella.’
    • ‘A full-size golf umbrella also is a good investment, and wet-weather gloves are available.’
    • ‘He swiftly sheltered me under his golf umbrella and started his spiel.’
    • ‘When a short person has a large umbrella (e.g. a golf umbrella) they should be raising it the highest because it will be the hardest to navigate around.’
    • ‘To protect hats when the theme is the bigger the better, a golf umbrella—carried by a dutiful male companion—came in particularly useful.’
    • ‘Outside people were ducking and weaving along the street, and having to dodge the odd person with a massive golf umbrella.’
    • ‘Players stand in the doorway under gigantic golf umbrellas, gazing disconsolately out at the rain-drenched turf.’