Definition of golf shirt in US English:

golf shirt


North American
  • A light, short-sleeved shirt with a collar, typically of a knitted fabric and with buttons at the neck only.

    See also polo shirt
    • ‘What do you think about golfers who wear a long-sleeve turtleneck or a mock under their short-sleeve golf shirt?’
    • ‘Windbreakers and hats coordinated with a golf shirt make great souvenirs and are always appreciated by golfers.’
    • ‘Daly points out his sponsors by their logos on his golf shirt.’
    • ‘Indeed, camp shirts offer a welcome relief from the standard knit golf shirt or classic polo at sport events or trade shows.’
    • ‘Granted, my hair has always been short and I confess to owning a golf shirt or two.’
    • ‘Kristen pulled on a red collar golf shirt and khaki pants.’
    • ‘During the promotional apparel boom days of the 1990s, the golf shirt defined the industry's growth and evolution.’
    • ‘So now they've given up even trying and have adopted the uniform of the conservatively mundane, often in the shape of generic khakis and a white golf shirt.’
    • ‘They are great alternatives to the traditional golf shirt for women.’
    • ‘This may mean we go from an embroidered golf shirt to a printed T-shirt.’
    • ‘He wasn't wearing robes at the time, merely a golf shirt and black trousers.’
    • ‘If the T-shirt or mock neck is still too daring at your course, try a traditional golf shirt with more color than you're used to.’
    • ‘He's wearing a red golf shirt with a black collar, which doesn't go with his green cap.’
    • ‘Mark was really surprised and happy with his prize of a branded golf shirt and a case of Sterling Light.’
    • ‘Say a supplier is preparing to run an order for an embroidered golf shirt.’
    • ‘He wore a pink golf shirt and blue jeans and black sneakers.’
    • ‘Double tipping on the collar and cuffs introduces a new element to transform the casual golf shirt into apparel distinctive enough for both the office and championship courses.’
    • ‘He had a white golf shirt on, as well as khaki pants.’
    • ‘He came out of the truck, wearing a green golf shirt, and brown pants with leather boots.’
    • ‘Back then, a golf shirt or a sweatshirt with a little contrast in the collar was considered very special, and usually at a premium.’