Definition of golf club in US English:

golf club


  • 1A club used to hit the ball in golf, with a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft.

    • ‘That's because you are now in the sports and fitness retail business and even non-clients may want to buy a golf club, tennis racquet or bowling ball.’
    • ‘Try to match that sensation with a golf club in your hands.’
    • ‘Everybody who ever saw him swing a golf club knew they'd seen something to remember.’
    • ‘That promotes a swing that's more outside to in and gives you a better chance to avoid getting the golf club inside and behind the body.’
    • ‘It will be another 21 years before she will swing a golf club for the first time.’
    • ‘However, most middle to late-aged men own every single golf club, ball, cart, and accessory known to mankind.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Tim Putnam, Jonas Conlan and I were in Mike's group, so we not only saw how not to swing a golf club but also saw areas of the course that others didn't.’
    • ‘I recommend the use of a weighted golf club - swinging it slowly, of course - before practice sessions.’
    • ‘The truth is, gripping a golf club too tightly inhibits the correct movements of the club and the body.’
    • ‘‘Anything that involves a golf club and hitting a ball, I'll pretty much play it anywhere,’ he said.’
    • ‘Two elements define a golf club - material and geometry.’
    • ‘The son of a rice farmer from the island of Wando, just off coast of South Korea, K. J. Choi has come a long way since he first picked up a golf club at 16.’
    • ‘Ernie Els swings the golf club very fast, but he looks smooth doing it.’
    • ‘Eleanor Fairchild yawned as she handed her golf club to the caddy boy.’
    • ‘Nick did not touch a golf club until he was nearly 14.’
    • ‘When you change channels it makes a sound like a golf club hitting a ball.’
    • ‘This is due to the high velocity and size of the golf ball and golf club.’
    • ‘Greg isn't a lumberjack, but he sure swung a golf club like one.’
    • ‘That said, I think there are going to be changes in the way we teach the golf swing - and perhaps even in the way we swing the golf club.’
    • ‘Jay Sylvan, age 18, is as thin as an exclamation point, and the golf club looks like a natural extension of his physique.’
  • 2An organization of members for playing golf.

    • ‘He also plays tennis, cycles and is a member of a golf club.’
    • ‘A long-time member of Portmarnock golf club, he will not be providing the PR in the run-up to the Nissan Irish Open in July.’
    • ‘Senior members of Royal Troon golf club, hosting the tournament, were less forgiving.’
    • ‘Edgar has a fairly long association with the golf club - approximately 55 years as a full playing member.’
    • ‘Many years ago my father applied to become a member of a golf club in London.’
    • ‘There is already a golf course on the site used by the 150-member Phoenix golf club.’
    • ‘Buyers of the houses at Lough Rynn will become members of the golf club, subject to certain criteria but with no admittance fee.’
    • ‘He had been a member of the committee of the golf club in the town.’
    • ‘The average lady member of a Scottish golf club is aged between 55 and 64, and has a less-than-stunning handicap of 25.’
    • ‘Anyway - my mother is a ‘lady member’ of the golf club - or at least used to be.’
    • ‘Opened in June 1999, Spring Hill is a private golf club with just 185 members.’
    • ‘The defendant had been a member of the golf club for some 55 years.’
    • ‘Senior members of the golf club held a minute's silence as a mark of respect on Tuesday.’
    • ‘Fifty members of the golf club, including four women, participated in the tournament, with a strong turnout of spectators from the two chambers.’
    • ‘My housemate is a member of a golf club and the only time he ever irons his clothes is when he's setting off for 18 holes.’
    • ‘Members of the local golf club formed a guard of honour at the removal.’
    • ‘But, like their counterparts in the golf club, some members are not going down quietly.’
    • ‘If you wore slacks you were almost certainly a member of the golf club, you were neat and tidy and smart, you were destined for a middling job, an early marriage and early middle age.’
    • ‘He is a member of Killiney golf club, close to where he lives.’
    • ‘He said all houses and apartments should only be owned by people who are members of the golf club.’
    1. 2.1 The premises used by members of a golf club.
      • ‘Debbie is due to perform her eclectic mix of pop, country and sixties covers at the golf club this Saturday.’
      • ‘Members of the Male Voice Choir and friends have organised a function in the golf club on April 25.’
      • ‘For the second day running more than 25,000 people lined the fairways at the Adare Manor Hotel and resort golf club.’
      • ‘It will again include a sell-out literary lunch at the resort's golf club.’
      • ‘Coleman interrupted to ask what the architect's plans for that evening were, to which the puzzled employee answered that after returning to Bearsden for dinner he would go out to the golf club or pub.’
      • ‘Forget about those old cream or green coloured golf carts at your local golf club, the only way to get from tee to green is in your very own Hummer Cart.’
      • ‘It is close to Ennis golf club and the agricultural showgrounds.’
      • ‘The next presentation of prizes at the golf club is scheduled for Sunday December 17 at 5.30 pm.’
      • ‘It is close to a number of amenities including the Westwood fitness club, Carrickmines tennis club and Leopardstown golf club and racecourse.’
      • ‘The cottage is close to a number of schools, Milltown golf club and shopping centres in Dundrum and Rathfarnham.’
      • ‘They would abruptly drop everything and head for the golf club.’
      • ‘The oldest daybook I have dates back to 1963 when I used it to keep track of the money I made caddying at a local golf club.’
      • ‘Lunch can be taken informally at the golf club (barbecue in summer) or as a traditional buffet in the Castle.’
      • ‘The first ever Newbridge Chamber of Commerce golf classic tees off at the Curragh golf club on July 15.’
      • ‘Amenities in the area include a marina, beaches, gymnasium, golf clubs and pubs and restaurants.’
      • ‘Local amenities include the City West Hotel and Health Club as well as the golf club and shopping facilities.’
      • ‘Anyone with a problem getting to the golf club is asked to get in touch with any member of the social services committee and they will be looked after.’
      • ‘In days gone by it was not unusual to see people intent on playing golf walking from town to the golf club.’
      • ‘Then the two of them would go to the golf club for the free buffet, ‘while our memberships are still good.’’
      • ‘After playing a round of golf we settled into the bar at the golf club.’


golf club

/ˈɡɑlf ˌkləb/