Definition of golf bag in US English:

golf bag


  • A tall cylindrical bag used for carrying golf clubs and balls.

    • ‘And by the end of a round, the stamina you build in your legs can be the difference between winning and losing a match - especially if you are walking with a golf bag on your back.’
    • ‘The Personal Ranger, which is being used on 40 courses, is simply a clock that attaches to the steering wheel on a golf cart or on a golf bag and constantly shows where the golfer should be on the course.’
    • ‘Caddie, the person who carries the golf bag for the player, is another mispronounced French word, and has two stories behind it.’
    • ‘Viewing my one-hour-old swing in action next to someone who started carrying a golf bag in primary three was disconcerting to say the least.’
    • ‘He then stormed off the green, gesturing at one of the Americans and kicked his golf bag.’