Definition of goldenly in US English:



  • See golden

    • ‘It was glowing radiantly in the morning sun, reflecting the light goldenly down on the city below, forming a fitting farewell to our stay in this charming city we had grown to love in our too-short stay.’
    • ‘During the next hour I was aware of only a single miracle: the moon that had guided us was setting, splendidly, goldenly, to the southwest.’
    • ‘The rain ceased and the sun began to burst out goldenly now and again between the rents in the clouds, burnishing the gray seas with copper-hued radiance, and lighting up the mists that curtained the Island's red shores with gleams of gold foretokening a fine day after all.’
    • ‘The upper cloth of Seetha's sari is goldenly silky and thus it will have a tinge of reddish brown hue, like the outer edge of the tongue of fire.’
    • ‘So evenly and crisply does it toast, so steamy and toasty is the smell that rises as it does, so perfectly and goldenly does it take the butter.’