Definition of goldeneye in US English:



  • A migratory northern diving duck, the male of which has a dark head with a white cheek patch and yellow eyes.

    Genus Bucephala, family Anatidae: two species, in particular the common goldeneye (B. clangula)

    • ‘During migration, goldeneyes stop on large lakes and rivers to feed while they move between breeding and wintering habitats.’
    • ‘The goldeneye's white spot is between its telltale yellow eye and grey beak, rather than behind the eye.’
    • ‘Female goldeneyes lay eggs in their own nests and in the nests of other female goldeneyes.’
    • ‘With her telescope I scanned the ducks and was immediately smitten by the goldeneyes.’
    • ‘It was beside Henry's Fork that we skied and watched goldeneyes, mallards and trumpeter swans floating in the shallows.’