Definition of golden rice in US English:

golden rice


  • A genetically modified variety of rice containing large amounts of the orange or red plant pigment betacarotene, a substance important in the human diet as a precursor of vitamin A.

    • ‘How much beta carotene will golden rice supply and with what efficiency can malnourished children convert it to vitamin A?’
    • ‘In the case of golden rice itself, Zeneca, the company that developed the vitamin-A gene plant, now holds exclusive commercial rights, which applies not just to rice but to all future crops that might carry the gene.’
    • ‘But the spread of any high-yielding variety like golden rice tends to reduce that crop diversity.’
    • ‘Clearly, there is more than one reasonable opinion about the potential for golden rice to make a significant contribution to improving vitamin A nutrition.’
    • ‘A new type of rice, known as golden rice, is one of the crops that the authors say has great potential.’