Definition of golden goose in US English:

golden goose


  • A continuing source of wealth or profit that may be exhausted if it is misused.

    ‘they were killing the golden goose of tourism’
    See also "kill the goose that lays the golden eggs" at egg
    • ‘There's a good chance, too, that Las Vegas may eventually kill its golden goose.’
    • ‘The more it leans on the franchise, industry observers believe, the more ABC risks killing the golden goose.’
    • ‘I put it to him that Y2K's been a golden goose for his industry.’
    • ‘‘Commercial backing might kill the golden goose,’ Letellier said.’
    • ‘No studio can ever take his golden goose away from him.’
    • ‘Given that overlicensing helped kill the golden goose, it shouldn't be much of a revelation that meaningful exclusives ensure healthy licensees.’
    • ‘But something else happened at this moment that may yet be seen as the measure that killed the golden goose.’
    • ‘It could also threaten what has been the golden goose for NBC, the Games on prime time.’
    • ‘Let them not kill the golden goose, in this case the viewers, by making it too expensive for them to watch TV.’
    • ‘The Bells, regarding local services as their proprietary golden goose, successfully sued to gain control over such access and pricing.’
    • ‘Indian industry watchers acknowledge that the country's outsourcing industry - its golden goose of the moment - is indeed facing a ‘serious’ problem.’
    • ‘Claritin is the golden goose for US pharmaceutical giant Schering-Plough - a drug with global sales of three billion dollars a year.’
    • ‘It will kill the golden goose, the very ecosystem that makes it such an attractive tourism proposition in the first place.’
    • ‘Bioscience is not the only golden goose in Dundee.’
    • ‘That's one of the rule changes made years ago when tournament promoters realized that piles of dead bass left in the wake of a tournament could kill the golden goose.’
    • ‘Of course he was given a lot more leeway now that he had proven himself the golden goose of Columbia.’
    • ‘Last week, as shares took a tumble, they must have been asking if their golden goose was about to be slain.’
    • ‘The off-licence industry is seen as the golden goose of the past ten years.’
    • ‘Such short-term, externally-driven industries kill the golden goose, the bounty of the forest that has sustained life in the region for millennia.’
    • ‘A domestic tourism market may not be the golden goose so keenly coveted by hoteliers, restaurateurs and others, but it is at least a solid silver or sturdy bronze one.’


golden goose

/ˈɡōldən ɡo͞os//ˈɡoʊldən ɡus/