Definition of golden cat in US English:

golden cat


  • A small forest-dwelling cat found in Africa and Asia.

    Genus Felis, family Felidae: the African F. aurata, with a chestnut to silver-gray coat, and the Asiatic F. temmincki, with a golden-brown coat and striped head

    • ‘In addition to its natural predators (snow leopards, wolves, and golden cats) and poaching, giant pandas are also unintentionally injured or killed in traps and snares set for other animals, such as deer and bears.’
    • ‘Asian Golden Cats prefer to live in forest habitats interspersed with rocky areas.’
    • ‘But after death, genetic analysis confirms that the bay cat is indeed a separate species, closely related to the golden cat.’
    • ‘Newer species that we'll be bringing in will be a Komodo dragon, Asiatic golden cats and clouded leopard.’
    • ‘Asian golden cat and marbled cat represented the bay cat lineage.’