Definition of gold plate in US English:

gold plate


  • 1A thin layer of gold, electroplated or otherwise applied as a coating to another metal.

    • ‘On the left side of the frame is the Thunder Ranch logo in gold plate.’
    • ‘Fans both young and old stood in awe at the trophy, which stands some three feet high and is made of 23-carat sterling silver, gold plate and the precious green stone malachite.’
    1. 1.1 Objects coated with gold.
      • ‘The best furniture, the tapestries, and the gold plate were gone, but the frescoes were not spattered with food and drink, the windows had not been hammered out, the furniture had not been shattered into slivers of teak and ivory.’
      • ‘Italy is a vibrant country and the area around Portofino is classic Italy, with a little gold plate to show that it is a cut above the rest.’
      • ‘Banquets do tend to be more about the setting and the gold plate than the food itself, which has always been chosen to be impressive rather than delicious.’
    2. 1.2 Plates, dishes, etc., made of gold.
      • ‘An inconspicuous gold plate next to it read ‘rare books.’’
      • ‘On it, she found a small gold plate with the initials B. L. engraved on it.’
      • ‘I turned around and glanced quickly at the gold plate on her desk.’
      • ‘Six large hampers were packed, brimming with various cold dishes, which were then served on gold plate brought from the Palace.’
      • ‘Mrs. Brawnings readily put down a wad of cash onto the little gold plate and led the way out to the car park.’
      • ‘She turned around, and just as she did, she saw a laser shoot out of the wall and reflect off of a gold plate, then a diamond ring, then one of the crystals.’
      • ‘There is a sign by the door, embedded writing on a gold plate, but she is too far away to read it.’


[with object]
  • Cover (something) with a thin layer of gold.

    • ‘It was covered with anodised aluminum in 1956, and about ten years ago, the late King Hussein of Jordan, sold one of his houses in London and gold-plated it with 80 kilos of gold.’
    • ‘In a system like this, it is unlikely that the gold-plating the connectors makes any difference at all, in terms of sound, durability, or otherwise, yet MidiLand does it anyway, which makes it all the more impressive.’
    • ‘The work of preparing the copper rings (some renewal of the old, some new) around the wooden mast and gold-plating them is going on.’
    • ‘The electroplating guys had gold-plated it to Aldo Nova's specifications.’


gold plate

/ˈɡōl(d) ˈˌplāt//ˈɡoʊl(d) ˈˌpleɪt/