Definition of gold leaf in US English:

gold leaf


  • Gold that has been beaten into a very thin sheet, used in gilding.

    • ‘Once the frame had been moulded, paper-thin gold leaf was applied to the wood over a thin layer of gesso plaster.’
    • ‘Each bowl, coated with copper, silver, or gold leaf, contained beeswax to a depth of several inches, with a small trough incised at the center.’
    • ‘It was a nice sword, too: stainless steel covered with a coat of gold leaf.’
    • ‘They are sculptures carved out of wood, covered with gold leaf.’
    • ‘A small ebony throne, decorated with gold leaf and ivory is a poignant reminder of his extraordinary childhood.’
    • ‘Using gold leaf and multiple layers of oil paint and glaze, she explores themes of motherhood, love and loss.’
    • ‘The entire panel was then covered in gesso and gold leaf while the image was painted on the sunken surface.’
    • ‘Participants will prepare a panel or wall which they will work on over several days and will learn how to prepare paints, pigments, and gold leaf for application and ornament.’
    • ‘The modern gilders' tip is a brush made from long hairs set between two pieces of card, but earlier gold leaf was slightly thicker and so could be handled using a piece of card or parchment.’
    • ‘All three statues use a layer of lacquer between the wood and the exterior coat of gold leaf or pigment.’
    • ‘The watercolor illustration of men and women and landscapes was framed in gold, and the letters of the title were delicately hammered gold leaf.’
    • ‘The container finally is sealed with resin and can be topped off with a paint job or gold leaf.’
    • ‘It doesn't have illustrations but it is very professionally done, using expensive parchment rather than paper and lots of gold leaf.’
    • ‘This means adding depth to each cut so that after the application of gesso, bole, and gold leaf the carved elements still have crisp definition.’
    • ‘The main section of the cross is made of dark-coloured wrought iron, highlighted by pieces of galvanised steel covered in gold leaf.’
    • ‘Whilst I originally planned to make it black & gold using gold leaf, I quickly discovered that this was going to be an impractical way to do things.’
    • ‘In the new works, Bradford has also started using paint and gold leaf, as well as collaged text and images.’
    • ‘He painted the wooden clock black and decorated it with gold leaf.’
    • ‘Two final works from the Glassell collection are wood carvings covered with gold paint rather than gold leaf.’
    • ‘The interior of this example is covered with gold leaf, emphasizing the sanctity and importance of the objects placed within.’


gold leaf

/ˈˌɡōl(d) ˈlēf//ˈˌɡoʊl(d) ˈlif/