Definition of Gog and Magog in US English:

Gog and Magog

proper noun

  • 1(in the Bible) the names of enemies of God's people. In Ezek. 38–9, Gog is apparently a ruler from the land of Magog, while in Rev. 20:8, Gog and Magog are nations under the dominion of Satan.

  • 2(in medieval legend) opponents of Alexander the Great, living north of the Caucasus.

  • 3Two giant statues standing in Guildhall, London, representing either the last two survivors of a race of giants supposed to have inhabited Britain before Roman times, or Gogmagog, chief of the giants, and Corineus, a Roman invader.


Gog and Magog

/ˌɡôɡ ən ˈmāɡôɡ//ˌɡɔɡ ən ˈmeɪɡɔɡ/