Definition of Godzilla in US English:



  • 1A particularly enormous example of something.

    ‘a Godzilla of a condominium tower’
    • ‘This year's prize, says our young narrator Vernon God Little, was won by a Godzilla pumpjack.’
    • ‘It's the attack of the 50-foot art-film-fusion monster - a Godzilla of cinematic conceit!’
    • ‘This must rate as the Godzilla of all teen strops.’
    • ‘The closer you get to the top of the supply chain, the more you face the two Godzillas of the industry Delphi and Visteon.’
    1. 1.1 A fierce or frightening person or thing.
      ‘he had few anger issues but turned into a Godzilla later in the relationship’


From the name of a huge prehistoric monster featuring in a series of Japanese films from 1954 (a name allegedly adopted from the nickname of a burly film set employee).