Definition of godward in English:


adjective & adverb

  • See God

    • ‘I note that the papal text moves to point out that the godward depth of Christ's suffering is to be taken in a ‘humanly inexpressible way’.’
    • ‘Other features of our identity-racial, ethnic, national, gendered, and sexual-take their place in relation to this basic godward orientation and the responsibilities that flow from it.’
    • ‘Discussing the nature of the church as a spiritual society of the converted, he declared that the church is the creation of the Spirit, for he is the agent in that regeneration which is the godward side of conversion.’
    • ‘Having set the frame of our godward identity and noted some Christian civic responsibilities that flow from it, we come to the topic at issue: sex.’
    • ‘By nature we have no desire for God, therefore we are incapable of inclining ourselves godward.’