Definition of godliness in US English:



  • The quality of being devoutly religious; piety.

    ‘a man of great godliness’
    • ‘Godliness is not a licence to be boring.’
    • ‘In the early and mid-seventeenth century, most intellectuals and most governors believed that there was a divine imperative to bring godliness, good discipline, and order to the English nation.’
    • ‘He is known as a brilliant and inspirational preacher, and his congregation is convinced of his godliness.’
    • ‘Achieving this state of godliness was left to the servants whose main domain was the kitchen and scullery.’
    • ‘The godliness of the characters is obscured in a manner which amounts to a betrayal of the historical and cultural origins of the performance.’
    • ‘Would you mind just taking the godliness down a notch?’
    • ‘In other words, people's positive influences remain after they have physically departed; true immortality lies in goodness, or godliness.’
    • ‘He is so obsessed with godliness that even his minister runs from him.’
    • ‘His personal qualities of pastoral care, a genuine humility, generosity and godliness, have always been very evident.’
    • ‘He assured his congregation that business and Godliness were compatible.’