Definition of godlike in US English:



  • 1Resembling God or a god in qualities such as power, beauty, or benevolence.

    ‘our parents are godlike figures to our childish eyes’
    • ‘The ponderous blurry appeal of the picture may be that it takes its stoned audience out of this world to a consoling vision of a graceful world of space, controlled by godlike minds where the hero is reborn as an angelic baby…’
    • ‘This aspect of godliness retained by the sons of Adam inspired such awe among the rest of mankind that no one dared to oppose these godlike beings, and consequently these people did as they liked until they were destroyed by the Flood.’
    • ‘This is quite deliberate: all the ‘action’ occurs on the level of the City's various gods and godlike figures, and the humans are pretty much their puppets.’
    • ‘As she approached this light, she saw in her path a great godlike figure lit from behind - a being of light.’
    • ‘The blond-haired, almost godlike figure, meanwhile, stood motionless, impassive and unwinded, like a great tiger poised to pounce.’
    • ‘There is a tendency within the medical profession and among patients to view consultants as almost godlike figures.’
    • ‘Therefore, first let each become godlike and each beautiful who cares to see God and Beauty.’
    • ‘Look for godlike beauties scattered casually in the background.’
    • ‘She sometimes fantasized about getting him to make love to her, but Galatea never really liked her godlike creator, Pygmalion.’
    • ‘What is innate and unfolds from inside of us is pushed onto some great godlike figure of the past whose legacy is tightly held in the keep of the institution and its hierarchy in the form of a creed or orthodoxy that is sacrosanct.’
    • ‘All this to keep us with the hope that someday we might find what it means to truly be spiritual and godlike.’
    • ‘My eyes shut and momentarily wished that the godlike rockstar I worship so much is really also just a man, a happy one.’
    • ‘And yet he's being honored, like some godlike figure.’
    • ‘Ran means chaos and the form of the film becomes more chaotic as it goes, starting in a very stately style that falls apart as the king undergoes his metamorphosis from godlike being to spiritual leper.’
    • ‘Though she has for years coped grimly with her own suffering, she cannot bear her son's; godlike, she sacrifices him in a baptism of fire.’
    • ‘Religious, spiritual or mystic traditions often start and propagate from a focal point - a human godlike figure or a god human-like figure or a text developed by/on one of these.’
    • ‘But he was not a godlike figure; instead he put people at their ease.’
    • ‘The devil was using the thorn to try to pull Paul down, and at the same time Almighty God was using the self-same ‘thorn’ to make Paul more usable and godlike.’
    • ‘Moreover, this is a new status for us since we are not the godlike creators of our biological children.’
    • ‘Postwar rituals created an ‘immortal Confederacy’ with soldiers as heroic martyrs, Lee as a godlike figure, and ‘Dixie’ as a regional hymn.’
    divine, godly, angelic, seraphic, transcendent, superhuman
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    1. 1.1 Befitting or appropriate to a god.
      ‘we act as though we have godlike powers to decide our own destiny’
      • ‘The wonder is how so many are still complacent about the godlike powers assumed by mere mortals, who have so far demonstrated not the least bit of trustworthiness or honesty concerning the potential of such weapons.’
      • ‘Instead, Kyle should simply retain his infallible godlike powers forever, enshrined in comics history as the most powerful (and, therefore, best) superhero of all time.’
      • ‘Love them already, recognize their godlike nature beforehand.’
      • ‘Here, in his workshop, he wielded godlike power.’
      • ‘They are far from being Descartian soulless machines, though they have not been imbued with the sacred, godlike character which they have attained in Hinduism.’
      • ‘They press on to be as godlike in behaviour and conduct as they can.’
      • ‘There were no radical transformations that required the privilege of godlike powers to transform an earlier ape into a man - just time and chemistry.’
      • ‘He must have been granted the supernatural powers of godlike perception when he fell into that tub of ‘chemicals’ at the juvenile diabetes research headquarters!’
      • ‘A ‘star system’ was born, in which film stars, sports heroes, politicians, and other public figures achieved a godlike status in the public consciousness.’
      • ‘Why would Thomas transcend to a godlike state if he detests almighty power?’
      • ‘I had encountered no evil creatures with godlike powers before, so I reasoned that this was not caused by me.’
      • ‘The splendour and brilliance of man is often encompassed in art, but doesn't this very same art have a godlike quality to it, that most average humans cant even dream of reaching.’
      • ‘One who supposed that he could attain that godlike perspective on the meaning of his life might perhaps be in a position to know what experiences were so painful that they were better obliterated from memory.’
      • ‘Whether justly or unjustly acquired, various forms of wealth can become our master, shaping and filling our lives in a godlike manner.’
      • ‘Your people and you attribute mystical and even godlike qualities to a beast?’
      • ‘Although most people would use this evil to enslave their enemies, bestow upon them unlimited wealth, or give them godlike powers, I prefer using it to make the water in my toilet rotate slightly faster.’
      • ‘He was good at his job, he tells us, and relished the godlike power he felt when he saved someone's life.’
      • ‘They love me as I love them, because I am young and of a godlike beauty.’
      • ‘Certainly sometimes sporting figures are perhaps in the excitement of the moment, endowed with almost godlike qualities.’
      • ‘Leonardo's famous passage on the godlike power of the artist is cited at this point, but this passage has nothing to do with style and decorum.’