Definition of godhood in US English:



  • See God

    • ‘Andrew, the nerd manipulated by grandiose dreams of godhood, must admit that he, not some outside force, killed his best friend.’
    • ‘And Jerry's godhood overseas and tireless work for Muscular Dystrophy are oversold, plus I'm not sure I wanted to know quite that much about Jerry's medical problems.’
    • ‘They were some of the first colonists to this world, and after the use of many technological advancements on their bodies have attained godhood.’
    • ‘The idea is that by realizing your own godhood you realize the godhood of everyone/thing, thereby breaking down the barriers of individuality.’
    • ‘But when an apology reflects poorly on the mistake that basically launched the Cold War, they bang their spoons on their highchairs about any attempt to tarnish FDR's godhood.’