Definition of goddaughter in US English:



  • A female godchild.

    • ‘The gifts were brought to the altar by his god-daughter Anne Kearns and his cousin Michael Clarke.’
    • ‘‘There is no capitalist who does not have a terrorist in his own intimate circle of friends and relations,’ reflected the interior minister when one of his friends had been murdered after allowing his god-daughter's sister into the house.’
    • ‘My niece, god-daughter, Emma, big sis to Lesley-Ann and Bart, turned 18 at the weekend, so David and I hosted a little family celebration on Friday night.’
    • ‘I was also wearing it on the day that my god-daughter, Alex was born.’
    • ‘Anyway, one day my uncle's god-daughter came over.’
    • ‘They vowed to do it again, but had to put their plans on hold when Sue became pregnant with her daughter Lottie, who is Katie's god-daughter.’
    • ‘Tonight we're having dinner with my god-daughter and her husband.’
    • ‘She has a surviving niece who visits her as often as possible, as do a friend and a god-daughter.’
    • ‘Such women now represented the rural Catholic masses; Grace's village god-daughter and namesake in the novel may be Edgeworth's acknowledgement of the more popular nature of Irish song.’
    • ‘Congratulations to my nephew Jude McNulty who was confirmed last week and to my wife's god-daughter, Beth O'Neill.’
    • ‘A father whose son died suddenly from a rare heart condition has raised more than £20,000 for vital hospital equipment with the help of his god-daughter, who survived a life-threatening illness.’
    • ‘In 1957 when he painted an Ann portrait for the Royal Academy he said it was his god-daughter, but later that story changed.’
    • ‘Yes I do, she's my god-daughter, I have the right.’
    • ‘So I gave myself an out, by informing the group I'd meet them at the hotel on Saturday - I'd be driving up alone on Friday to Oakville to visit with my god-daughters and their parents.’
    • ‘A god-daughter told me of how jolly he made her girlhood, although her father worried about his fellow barrister's habit of fast driving.’
    • ‘Olga herself was baptized and became Constantine VII's god-daughter some time in the later 940s or 950s and probably only after being denied a full-blown Byzantine mission did she turn to Otto.’
    • ‘Things started to get out of hand when my god-daughter, Georgia, arrived with her brother, Harry.’
    • ‘Emma and Nelson named their child Horatia but maintained the pretence that she was Nelson's god-daughter.’
    • ‘I was meeting two high-octane sisters: one the mother of my god-daughter and the other a blonde who has a tendency to tell real-time stories.’
    • ‘There it was buried under a blanket a bright red furry handbag that my god-daughter had left in the car on a previous occasion.’