Definition of godchild in US English:



  • A person in relation to a godparent.

    ‘his friends' children, many of whom were his godchildren’
    • ‘Godparents became the ones to pronounce the baptismal vows for the infants they were to receive from the font, assuming responsibility for the welfare and religious education of their godchildren.’
    • ‘The relationship between godparent and godchild can be deep, meaningful and lifelong.’
    • ‘Those godparents have special rights and responsibilities toward their godchildren and are expected to assist in meeting a child's needs if necessary.’
    • ‘We list the proportions of wills which contain inheritance rights and legacies received by spouses, children, relatives, friends, servants, godchildren and charitable recipients.’
    • ‘It's not that I don't like the young, my godchildren mostly dote on me, but I never wanted any children of my own and sadly I look at the next generation of my own family and feel that I was right.’
    • ‘Like your ordinary fairy, she used to turn ‘numberless wicked people into beasts, birds, milestones, clocks, pumps, bootjacks, umbrellas, or other absurd shapes’ and give lovely gifts to her godchildren.’
    • ‘The godfather would help the godchild find employment when necessary, and the godchild would provide a vote for the godfather when necessary.’
    • ‘Even a household headed by a married couple may include children from previous or ‘outside’ relationships, godchildren, or children of other family members.’
    • ‘This need not be a problem if they don't get lavish gifts for the godchild and if your other children have godparents who spend special time with them.’
    • ‘The commitment that the godparents make includes providing advice and spiritual guidance to the godchild.’
    • ‘Honestly, is there anything my godchild does not want to eat?’
    • ‘One of our godchildren, a twelve-year-old girl, died after eight days in the intensive care unit.’
    • ‘I'm happy to be part of it, and my godchildren have always enjoyed coming up to London and seeing what the other kids are wearing.’
    • ‘I do think that the executors of Diana's will seriously violated her wishes by not dividing her personal property among her godchildren as she requested.’
    • ‘They were also essential participants in all events of social or religious importance to the godchild and maintained strong bonds with their compadres or comadres - lasting friendships based upon mutual admiration and support.’
    • ‘Sponsors or godparents who take seriously their charge to do everything possible to help a godchild grow up in the faith with consistent remembrances and encouragements often make a significant impact.’
    • ‘Godparents, in particular, should really consider giving their godchild a keepsake gift since part of their responsibility is to help the child grow in their spirituality.’
    • ‘The family unit includes godchildren, godparents, and many other members of the extended family.’
    • ‘The terms of the order prevent him downloading or viewing images of children under the age of 16 unless they are blood relatives, relatives by marriage or godchildren.’
    • ‘When I accepted the responsibility of being a godfather, I understood that for each of my four godchildren I was on hand to offer spiritual guidance should they require it, or indeed request it.’