Definition of God willing in US English:

God willing


  • Used to express the wish that one will be able to do as one intends or that something will happen as planned.

    ‘one day, God willing, she and John might have a daughter’
    • ‘And God willing, next year this time or maybe before, Siegfried and Roy will stand here.’
    • ‘I guess I finally found my niche in life and things will hopefully only go upwards from here, God willing.’
    • ‘We advise you to accept our offer and if you don't, you will see the lines of cars laden with explosives hit your towns and turn your nights to mornings, God willing.’
    • ‘Of course we are taping this a little before for holidays, so God willing maybe he was caught.’
    • ‘So, God willing, I will turn 67 in February 2036.’
    • ‘He noted at that time, in his usual mode of contingent optimism, ‘I'll write this column, God willing, for years to come.’’
    • ‘And, God willing, their grandchildren will also be inspired and moved and become better and bigger because of what happened on that increasingly distant summer day.’
    • ‘Perhaps next year, God willing, I will be back and have more time to take it all in.’
    • ‘‘And God willing, if this works, maybe two years from now, we'll clone me,’ says the husband.’
    • ‘And the fear, hopefully, God willing, is always a mirage that disappears into the distance… until the next time.’
    perhaps, maybe, it could be, it may be, it is possible, it is conceivable, for all one knows, feasibly, very likely
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