Definition of God the Son in US English:

God the Son


  • (in Christian doctrine) Christ regarded as the second person of the Trinity; God as incarnate and resurrected savior.

    • ‘His birth was nothing less than the enfleshment of God the Son, in which the divine and human natures were united in the one person.’
    • ‘Here the alignment is not between God the Father and God the Son on the one hand, and Peter and George Bailey on the other, but rather between Joseph and Clarence in heaven, and Peter and George Bailey on earth.’
    • ‘According to this view, in becoming incarnate, God the Son voluntarily and temporarily laid aside some of his divine attributes in order to take on a human nature and thus his earthly mission.’
    • ‘This Birth began the second Age of God the Son and will end with the death of Peter the Roman.’
    • ‘All who are there will have to deal with the reality that God is a Trinity and Jesus is, in fact, God the Son.’
    • ‘There can only be one Kingdom of worth and that is the Kingdom of Heaven presided over by God the Father flanked by God the Son and the Holy Ghost.’
    • ‘The second aspect of the Trinity is that of God the Son.’
    • ‘However, we will continue to be unlike Christ in terms of his essential glory as God the Son, a glory he shares exclusively with the Father and the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘In the most profound display of mercy and grace imaginable, He stepped into our shoes as a man, God the Son.’
    • ‘In the same way Jesus is God, yet is not as great as the Father, for he is God the Son.’