Definition of God (or Heaven) forbid in US English:

God (or Heaven) forbid


  • Used to express a fervent wish that something does not happen.

    with clause ‘God forbid that this should happen to anyone ever again’
    • ‘If, God forbid, this situation continues, it is not difficult to imagine what will be the fate of Muslims and democracy.’
    • ‘And if, God forbid, you should find that all your best efforts are a failure, you don't want to admit it.’
    • ‘If you are not playing as well as you know you can, it could be that a minor (or Heaven forbid, major) fault or two may have crept into your game.’
    • ‘After all, Heaven forbid if anyone knew your true intentions.’
    • ‘If there's a terror attack, God forbid, does it help or hurt any candidate?’
    • ‘If, God forbid, a major incident of some kind did occur in Swindon, how would our shiny new hospital cope with a rapid, major influx of critically ill patients?’
    • ‘Oh, it's fine for her to waste food on a level I can only describe as sinful but God forbid we should be wasting light bulbs or toilet paper.’
    • ‘That, I guess, leaves the Family Court to concentrate their energies on, God forbid, the Australian family law.’
    • ‘The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the EU rather than - Heaven forbid - German, which was the other possibility.’
    • ‘Because when, Heaven forbid, the country is menaced by security, military, and political dangers or economic collapse, then those people who have capital, bankrolls, companies, children, luxury homes, and houses abroad, flee.’