Definition of God's truth in US English:

God's truth


  • The absolute truth.

    ‘it's done more harm than good, and that's the God's truth’
    • ‘The text is seen as God's truth; there is no room for compromise.’
    • ‘And anything published there is God's truth, as regular TSSH readers will attest.’
    • ‘Worse, I still had an undergraduate's instinctive sense of theory as a bit of God's truth revealed, and so it was disconcerting to find that the theory I'd been taught wasn't considered true anymore.’
    • ‘Still, none of this deters the true believer from maintaining that the story of Noah's ark is the God's truth.’
    • ‘It's God's truth: People almost without exception - it would be hard for me to think of two or three incidents in 10 years where people aren't so nice.’
    • ‘My first impression when I got there, I tell you the God's truth, you're in a dream.’
    • ‘And they tend to go to an authority figure without questioning the authority figure and take what they say as God's truth and go with it as supposed to doing a lot of homework.’
    • ‘However, if you find something that looks like God's truth outside the Bible, it has very likely been contaminated with opinion and is no longer God's truth.’
    • ‘Because it is God's truth, they must not ‘quench it by wrong constructions.’’
    • ‘They have led the Witness to think that the distorted doctrines they have taught him or her are in fact God's truth.’
    the truth, the whole truth, the naked truth, gospel truth, the honest truth
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