Definition of gobstopper in US English:



  • A jawbreaker.

    • ‘Defeats are always difficult to swallow but this one must leave a sizeable lump akin to an everlasting gobstopper lodged in the throat of York City.’
    • ‘Richardson held out the ball, with outstanding generosity, like someone trying to placate a recalcitrant child with a gobstopper.’
    • ‘The cadences and rhymes of such poems linger, sweet and familiar as a well-sucked gobstopper, to be rolled round the mouth again and again as one grows up.’
    • ‘He caught the bag a bit stiffly and this lump came up like a little gobstopper under his skin.’
    • ‘Short of an ever lasting gobstopper, Coke's lab is kicking around a ready-to-drink cup of coffee that can be heated in a microwave, plus a purple carbonated soft drink made from ripe, unroasted coffee beans.’
    • ‘The pupils, from Lady Lumley's School, in Pickering, have all been disciplined for their part in the incident in which a gobstopper was thrown against a car windscreen.’
    • ‘On the one hand the child Karl (Carlo came later) recounts a world of Barret's Sherbet Fountains, Black Jacks and gobstoppers, a child's world of powerful sensations and distinctive smells.’
    • ‘Some sweets are equipped with surprising visual and flavour effects: gobstoppers change colour when sucked, sherbet fizzes in the mouth, and bubble gum is as much about bubbles as sweetness.’
    • ‘It is a hive mind of little tyrants who, despite their penchant for gobstoppers, can shred minds at will and have mankind on their list.’
    • ‘Afterwards one of them, a lisping seven-year-old by the name of Jimmy Poole, sidles up to him in his office and offers him a half-sucked gobstopper dug up from a fluff-filled corner of his pocket.’
    • ‘Bruisers, Astro Belts and gobstoppers all hint at the ranks of jars in proper sweet shops and the ranks of boys fighting it out in schools across the country.’
    • ‘Now, in theory at least, children could buy unlimited quantities of Spangles, gobstoppers and sweet cigarettes.’
    • ‘That did not stop us from going in for our Uncle Joe's mintballs, liquorice shoelaces and gobstoppers, but I was always glad to get out.’
    • ‘I used to love the penny tray which was full of gobstoppers, bubblies, Spangles and Jelly Tots.’
    • ‘The dogs barked and strained at the end of their chains, wide brown collars cutting into jugulars, eyes, savage and bloodshot, bulging like gobstoppers.’
    • ‘It was hard work, I was getting crotchety, and tonight the blisters on my calves are as big as gobstoppers.’
    • ‘Everyone knows that you can twiddle and twiddle the handle, but unless you put a 20p coin in, you will not get a gobstopper.’
    • ‘‘They're gobstoppers,’ she blurted out and then began to cry.’
    • ‘My lifelong enthusiasm for cheap sweets stems, I fancy, from the fact that, when I was in rompers, our allowance was only about four ounces of bullseyes and gobstoppers a week.’
    • ‘They have their own lexicon of heady-scented concoctions like chews and gobstoppers, Flying Saucers and Black Jacks.’
    • ‘Actually, despite my prolonged absence from the dentist's chair, my childhood obsession with gobstoppers and a nasty habit of opening bottles of beer with my teeth, I only had to have two fillings.’