Definition of Gobelin in US English:


(also Gobelin tapestry)


  • A tapestry made at the Gobelins factory in Paris, or in imitation of one.

    • ‘This is Le Brun the premier peintre du roi, the directeur of the Gobelins, the chancelier, as well as one of the recteurs of the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture - the most powerful figure on the artistic stage of France.’
    • ‘The original is surely a vast Gobelin tapestry, not a row of petit point cushions?’
    • ‘Early tapestries have been found in Egyptian tombs, but European tapestry-making reached a peak in the 16 th-century ‘ateliers’ or workshops of Aubusson and Gobelin in France.’
    • ‘The most important recent contribution to the renewal of Gobelins tapestry came from the painter Jean Lurcat, who began working there in the thirties.’
    • ‘This in all likelihood represents the low retaining walls built along the Bièvre River, especially those along the rue Croulebarbe and the Gobelins tapestry works.’
    • ‘His study of colours arose from his work as technical director of the Gobelins tapestry works from 1828.’
    • ‘The other furniture in the room includes an imposing suite covered with Gobelins tapestries, purchased from French and Company in 1955.’
    • ‘He then headed the royal Gobelins tapestry manufactory, and in 1765 was appointed premier peintre du roi.’
    • ‘Typically, much is imported, but there is something of almost everything, from Gobelin tapestries through Goya, Monet and Manet to Klee and Kandinsky.’
    • ‘As the plaques were being painted, Oudry's cartoons were still at the Gobelins, where they were doubtless seen by the artists.’
    • ‘It had the express intention of reviving the trade of the old royal factories like Sevres and Gobelins, to try to reduce the distress of the skilled workmen who had fallen into poverty after the Revolution.’
    • ‘And don't miss Christiansborg Palace, where the Queen's 10-years-in-the-making modern Gobelins tapestries are on display.’