Definition of goal line in English:

goal line


  • A line across a football or hockey field at or near its end, on which the goal is placed or which acts as the boundary beyond which a try or touchdown is scored.

    • ‘Buckhalter reached over the goal line with the ball extended as he leaped across the corner pylon.’
    • ‘I believe that for serious fouls, whether the ball crosses the goal line, offsides and handball there should be a 4th official available.’
    • ‘This one play illustrated Owens' multiple gifts: his great hands, his terrific speed, his amazing strength and his nose for the goal line.’
    • ‘Since the play involved the goal line, it probably was reviewable.’
    • ‘His excellent awareness of where he is on the field enables him to keep balls at the goal line in play without stepping into the end zone.’


goal line

/ˈɡō(l) ˌlīn/