Definition of go wrong in English:

go wrong


  • 1Make a mistake.

    • ‘Can either of you point out where he's gone wrong?’
    • ‘But in the meantime education and information initiatives would be introduced to let people know where they were going wrong.’
    • ‘Let me tell you where you went wrong.’
    • ‘I told him to stay on the motorway until we got near Warwick but after half an hour he went wrong again.’
    • ‘I'm not happy with this - I've gone wrong somewhere, but I don't have time to explore it right now.’
    • ‘The big area where I personally went wrong was in estimating GDP growth.’
    • ‘After the exam don't spend endless time criticising yourself for where you think you went wrong.’
    • ‘Finding out where you went wrong is crucial, but may not be easy.’
    • ‘I don't know where I've gone wrong.’
    • ‘Deciding we must have gone wrong somewhere, we rode all the way back.’
    make a mistake, make an error, err, make a blunder, blunder, go astray, miscalculate, be incorrect, be wide of the mark, trip up
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    1. 1.1(of a device) malfunction; develop a fault.
    2. 1.2Develop in an undesirable way.
      ‘the government has ordered an inquiry to ascertain what went wrong’
      • ‘She had a great turn of phrase and sense of humour and could see the funny side even when things went wrong.’
      • ‘However, things all went wrong when she helped the attendant to push the car out of the way and into a transformer.’
      • ‘The guy could not explain what went wrong because their account machinery was down.’
      • ‘If things are going wrong, we need to know that they are going wrong, so we can put them right.’
      • ‘Now, as an inquiry takes place into what went wrong, it is vital to ensure that nothing like this occurs again.’
      • ‘He must be tearing his hair out right now because the team are going through one of those spells where everything that can go wrong, is going wrong.’
      • ‘You can look at six or seven line-outs and pinpoint one thing that went wrong in each of them.’
      • ‘Everything always went wrong, and they never had any money to do the things they wanted.’
      • ‘As I tried to reach over and lift up the gate it crossed my mind that there might be a danger of me losing a finger if things went wrong.’
      • ‘Now they are performing a deconstruction of the chase and trying to find out what went wrong.’