Definition of go to pot in US English:

go to pot


  • Deteriorate through neglect.

    ‘the foundry was allowed to go to pot in the seventies’
    • ‘Naturally, I've been backing up copies on my home computer, but then I downloaded the corrupted files and wrote them over the working versions, so it's all gone to pot.’
    • ‘At least one Canadian believes that politics haven't gone to pot - and he's trying to do something about it.’
    • ‘My late night writing session went to pot, as it were.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Since the government brought in this zero tolerance on crime, the country has gone to pot.’’
    • ‘I was in such tizzy when I wrote it that spelling and grammar went to pot.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back in the real world, my O-Level studies went to pot, closely followed by the A-Levels.’
    • ‘If your fuel mileage has gone to pot, if your car or truck is sluggish and appears to have lost its zip, if it is hard to start, or you have failed an emission inspection, you almost certainly need a tune-up.’
    • ‘New York and Chicago got many great art deco masterpieces, and then architecture went to pot for 30 years.’
    • ‘She added: ‘I was proud of working here but now look at it, it's gone to pot.’’
    • ‘And her complexion has gone to pot and she isn't as pretty any more.’
    deteriorate, decline, degenerate, go to ruin, go to rack and ruin, go downhill, go to seed, decay, fall into disrepair, become dilapidated, run down, rot, slide
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