Definition of go to court in US English:

go to court


  • Take legal action.

    • ‘However, they give useful practical guidance on a procedure to protect doctors without actually going to court.’
    • ‘But is that an argument which is put by defence lawyers when these cases go to court?’
    • ‘Now prior to him committing the offence and going to court, was it possible to get treatment for him?’
    • ‘And you've gone to court and filed the report?’
    • ‘The point has never been legally challenged, but pro-hunt campaigners believe there is a case and have gone to court to seek a judicial review.’
    • ‘But few borrowers can afford the legal fees to go to court, or even realise that this right exists.’
    • ‘She did not have the funds to take him to court and she saw no benefit in going to court after she got his sworn information.’
    • ‘So too might going to court to obtain injunction to restrain continued threatened assault against you by your political opponent.’
    • ‘In response he sought legal assistance and has gone to court over his benefits.’
    • ‘It is all about stopping the citizen from being armed with the resources to go to court to vindicate legal rights.’