Definition of go through the roof in US English:

go through the roof


  • 1(of prices or figures) reach extreme or unexpected heights.

    • ‘The only factor is that the prices have gone through the roof, and the quality of timber deteriorated, as the trees felled these days are much younger than those felled a decade ago.’
    • ‘For example, take domestic energy prices, which have been going through the roof this year.’
    • ‘Land supply slowed to a trickle; prices went through the roof and governments reaped huge rewards, instead of meeting the needs of people seeking to buy a home.’
    • ‘But people in their late 20s and early 30s with above-average salaries can no longer afford a house and are trying to rent, while rents are going through the roof.’
    • ‘House prices are going through the roof, and so you'd probably like an agent to drop by and make a free valuation of your house.’
    • ‘Energy prices have gone through the roof and somehow taken a route through your wallet to get there.’
    • ‘With gas prices going through the roof, it should come as no big surprise that some motorists are looking for alternative sources to power their cars.’
    • ‘If we get a brutally cold December and January, prices will go back up and heating oil prices could go through the roof.’
    • ‘Fuelled by optimism and cheap money, asset prices and investment went through the roof.’
    • ‘In the markets, demand for lambs has gone through the roof this week, with many sale yards quoting prices dearer by up to $20 and $30 per head.’
  • 2Suddenly become very angry.

    ‘if anything's not right, he'll go through the roof’
    • ‘My parents hit the roof when they found out I'd gotten detention.’
    • ‘When she saw the coat and heard John had bought it for me she hit the roof.’
    • ‘Before your stress level hits the roof, focus on the fact that your best friend is coming to see you and not your house and in no time you can become a well-oiled hospitality machine.’
    • ‘I knew Kitty would hit the roof, so I picked up a bribe.’
    • ‘When I got there on Wednesday and was told there were still no beds, I hit the roof.’
    • ‘She said ‘My father would hit the roof if he found out.’’
    be very angry, be furious, lose one's temper, go into a rage, breathe fire
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