Definition of go one's separate ways in US English:

go one's separate ways


  • 1Leave in a different direction from someone with whom one has just traveled or spent time.

    • ‘It was quite late when the group broke up and went their separate ways to bed.’
    • ‘My legs still were shaking as we got out of the plane, split up, and went our separate ways for the weekend.’
    • ‘They split into groups of 7 and went their separate ways.’
    • ‘Once they were inside, they planned to be back in the entrance at 11:45 pm before they went their separate ways and rode different rides.’
    • ‘They then go their separate ways, Jake travelling alone to San Sebastian, where he swims, reads, and relaxes after the stressful time in Pamplona.’
    • ‘When the coffee was done we split up and went our separate ways, Graham to the bookshop for a good browse and me off to the big photographic store at the other end of town.’
    • ‘The other two nodded and they split up, going their separate ways.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the remaining guards had split up and gone their separate ways, probably to search for the hostage, leaving Alexis and the only guard left.’
    • ‘As the school came into view, they split and went their separate ways.’
    • ‘Jess and I gathered our books and split up to go our separate ways.’
    leave, take one's leave, say adieu, say farewell, say goodbye, say one's goodbyes, make one's farewells, say one's farewells, separate, break up, go one's ways, go one's separate ways, take oneself off, set off, be on one's way, go, go away, get going, depart, be off
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    1. 1.1 End a romantic, professional, or other relationship.
      • ‘We were good friends and didn't want to fall out, so we split the business and went our separate ways.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, the partnership suffered from differing views on editorial matters, and the two went their separate ways after only two issues.’
      • ‘Though we had split up and gone our separate ways, we had remained the closest of friends, the sort who phone each other in emergencies.’
      • ‘The two had dated through high school, then broken up and went their separate ways after graduation.’
      • ‘When you are told by people who are your brothers and sisters in Christ that they've lost all trust and respect for you I think there's no alternative but to see there's a great difference and go your separate ways.’
      • ‘The Beatles split at the end of 1970, with the foursome going their separate ways with mixed, even indifferent, results.’
      • ‘But soon after, the trainer and jockey went their separate ways in a split which captured the headlines.’
      • ‘I also knew that the five of us had different dreams for our lives, and we would go our separate ways, but why now?’
      • ‘They broke up about two weeks later over differences they couldn't get around, and they both went their separate ways to different people.’
      • ‘In the end, she finally broke it off, we went our separate ways and we both are much happier now.’