Definition of go into in US English:

go into

phrasal verb

  • 1Take up in study or as an occupation.

    ‘he went into bankruptcy law’
    • ‘She studied everything else before going into journalism.’
    • ‘This trial was what made me go into medical and law studies, and apparently this has been used against me.’
    • ‘You will have luck in any occupation that you go into.’
    • ‘She'd chosen to go into nursing, and study at the university where Ty was.’
    • ‘‘Eventually, I would perhaps like to study more and go into physiotherapy or sports massage,’ she adds.’
    • ‘The son of a grocery store owner in southern Sweden, Petersson studied economics and then went into selling financial products.’
    • ‘Officer and enlisted personnel who do not remain on active duty for a full career may choose to go into a civilian occupation and remain in the reserves.’
    • ‘Kreutler and her late husband, Uli, arrived in 1979, and chose to go into farming, an occupation that might seem ordinary enough in rural Ireland.’
    • ‘Women were encouraged to go into occupations once monopolized by men.’
    • ‘We all went into English studies because we had a deep and abiding love of language - of its cadences, its power, its beauty.’
  • 2Investigate or inquire into (something)

    ‘there's no need to go into it now’
    • ‘To understand why India enjoys such impunity, we need to go into the history of the commission set up in 1946.’
    • ‘But the judge was well aware of this point and these issues, as is demonstrated by the lengthy investigation that she went into with Mr Wallis and Mr Jarrold.’
    investigate, examine, enquire into, look into, research, study, probe, explore, delve into, try to get to the bottom of
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  • 3(of a whole number) be capable of dividing another, typically without a remainder.

    ‘six will go into eighteen, but not into five’