Definition of go by the board in US English:

go by the board


  • (of something planned or previously upheld) be abandoned, rejected, or ignored.

    ‘my education just went by the board’
    • ‘The traditional principles of perspective usually go by the board, though many naive artists are capable of rendering distance and depth by their own means.’
    • ‘When push came to shove, ethics went by the board and they joined the ranks of sleazy money launderers.’
    • ‘The months went by - the goal of September publication had long since gone by the board - and at the end of November we still did not know exactly what sort of deal Celera had struck with Science.’
    • ‘Opponents deserved no respect and the conventions of war went by the board.’
    • ‘Weeks of planning went by the board when it poured down and the barriers blocking the way into Albert Square were lifted with more than two hours to go.’
    • ‘But the older method of hand plucking had now gone by the board on some of the larger farms.’
    • ‘Sometimes whole ways of talking go by the board.’
    • ‘Hopefully, whatever else may have gone by the board, your resolve to put on a new face for the world is still firm.’
    • ‘I will want to hear about specific cases where opportunities have gone by the board.’
    • ‘The longed-for tour to New Zealand went by the board.’