Definition of go along with in US English:

go along with

phrasal verb

  • Give one's consent or agreement to (a person or their views)

    ‘the group has decided to go along with the committee's proposal’
    • ‘I've never gone along with all the talk about Michael and me being too much alike to work as a partnership.’
    • ‘It's easy to go along with what friends are saying about a person and believe every word.’
    • ‘My wife wanted a church wedding for the right reasons, and I was more than happy to go along with that.’
    • ‘I have never said I didn't want to pay taxes, I just do not go along with all the methods used to raise them.’
    • ‘The administration has finally gone along with what we in Congress have been proposing, which was an increase of about 25,000 in the Army.’
    • ‘I humour them by pretending to go along with all this, but I keep my own counsel on the matter.’
    • ‘Would people or parliament have gone along with that?’
    • ‘She suggested I do a test anyway which I went along with just for her sake.’
    • ‘She now realises that she is not making any headway and seems to decide to go along with what I have to say.’
    • ‘They would probably just go along with it in the hope of getting some sexual satisfaction.’
    agree to, agree with, fall in with, comply with, concur with, cooperate with, acquiesce in, assent to, follow
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