Definition of go (or turn) sour in US English:

go (or turn) sour


  • Become less pleasant or attractive; turn out badly.

    ‘the case concerns a property deal that turned sour’
    • ‘But later, these relationships begin to turn sour.’
    • ‘By January of this year, however, the whole deal was beginning to turn sour.’
    • ‘Then Brady picked up a leg injury when racing for possession and things began to turn sour for the men in blue.’
    • ‘But what initially seems to be the ultimate lucky escape turns sour when the survivors begin to die, one by one, in gruesome and unexpected ways.’
    • ‘When the relationship went sour, the plaintiff asked for her fair share of the assets based on restitution and marriage.’
    • ‘He says that within days of arriving he was kidnapped and threatened at gunpoint, after associates claimed they were owed money from a deal that turned sour.’
    • ‘But five years ago everything began to turn sour after rogue tip operators moved in next door.’
    • ‘I would never stay in a relationship that turns sour, even if I think in the long term it might work out.’
    • ‘But the deal starts to turn sour when a ruthless new sergeant arrives on the scene, determined to clean up the base.’
    • ‘If the deal goes sour, investors can walk away and the bank is left holding the property.’