Definition of go (or take something) to extremes in US English:

go (or take something) to extremes


  • Take an extreme course of action; do something to an extreme degree.

    ‘we may go to extremes to find peace and quiet’
    • ‘For a country, encouraging export sales to create jobs when taken to extremes could seriously lower regional productivity and real income.’
    • ‘We're having fun with this, taking things to extremes.’
    • ‘I have started taking things to extremes lately, however.’
    • ‘But this system seems to be taking it to extremes.’
    • ‘If you are the sort of person who tends to take things to extremes, then Christmas can be a time of chronic over-indulgence.’
    • ‘Bodybuilders often have the mistaken belief that they must take their diets to extremes to take their physiques to extremes.’
    • ‘This efficiency wage argument has merit, but taken to extremes it could cause major problems.’
    • ‘Connie however, seemed to take the assignment to extremes.’
    • ‘A lot of guys take the overload approach to extremes.’
    • ‘Other potential ethical conflicts could take this issue to extremes.’
    go over the top, go to extremes, go overboard, not know when to stop
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