Definition of go (or put someone) through the mill in US English:

go (or put someone) through the mill


  • Undergo (or cause someone to undergo) an unpleasant experience.

    • ‘If I'd known putting you through the mill would bring about this kind of improvement, I wouldn't have wasted all that time talking.’
    • ‘The Russian doctors really put me through the mill, examining me from top to toe.’
    • ‘All I've done is sit at a desk in a well-heated room, drinking coffee and eating chocolate, while I put Rebus through the mill for the umpteenth time.’
    • ‘One film had gone through the mill of mishaps and survived until it reached the edit suite.’
    • ‘I thoroughly recommend it - there are times when you feel like you're going through the mill and can't verbalise what you're going through, or just plain feel empty.’
    • ‘Seeing as my friend's just gone through the mill, I thought it would be interesting to ask him what sort of tips he would have for others thinking about selling up.’
    • ‘However, their exertions in Yorkshire seemed to have caught up with them as Celtic put them through the mill from the kick-off.’
    • ‘We were going through the mill on the side, not being able to get on and play ourselves.’
    • ‘If the band were laidback before going through the mill, they seem even more so now.’
    • ‘The sport really is going through the mill at the moment, as it goes from controversy to fresh controversy.’