Definition of go-around in English:


(also go-round)


  • 1A flight path taken by an aircraft after an aborted approach to landing.

    • ‘As with the Ishak though, a go-around from a ‘balked up’ landing is easy because with full power and plenty of right rudder to keep it all straight the little biplane just leaps back into the sky.’
    • ‘Like takeoffs, consider that each approach will end in a go-around.’
    • ‘Tower cleared me for the approach, and then asked if I could accept a go-around for landing traffic.’
    • ‘The pilot added that due to the 10-sec spool-up time from idle power to full power, a go-around was not an option.’
    • ‘If they failed, I had enough gas to execute a go-around and make two attempts at a trap.’
    • ‘After quick trouble shooting, the crew decided to execute a go-around and then enter the holding pattern in order to further analyze the situation.’
    • ‘The aircraft commander executed a go-around, left the landing gear extended, and entered the visual pattern.’
    • ‘I would have hated to end up beak-to-beak with another airplane when my engine probably would not have allowed a go-around.’
    • ‘The commercial pilot had attempted a go-around following an approach to runway 12.’
    • ‘A go-around or missed approach isn't an option - you're committed to land.’
    • ‘He determined that a go-around was impossible because the aircraft was heading toward the runway infield and parking ramp.’
    • ‘If you're on short approach, opt for a go-around and try again.’
    • ‘This way, if a go-around is required, only the gear has to be retracted.’
    • ‘Capt Halbrook informed his flight lead and they both executed a go-around.’
    • ‘One of our new lads was killed at the field one day while on an emergency go-around because of too many aircraft in the circuit at the same time.’
    • ‘On the go-around, the aircraft stalled accompanied by a left wing drop.’
    • ‘Capt Wright was unable to see the runway environment at decision height and executed a go-around and began to climb to the holding fix.’
    • ‘Flight operations manuals should define the parameters for stabilized approaches and standard policy should be for a go-around to be flown if an aircraft becomes destabilized during an approach, according to Khatwa.’
    • ‘I began to review the NTSB report mentally: insufficient runway available to execute a go-around, extremely high DA, aircraft overweight, and crew inexperienced.’
    • ‘We checked the engines and caution panel and the pilot continued with the go-around.’
    encircle, enclose, encompass, ring, gird, girdle, go around
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  • 2North American informal A confrontation or argument.

    ‘they had one go-around after another’
    • ‘If you fail to get rid of the infection the first go-round, the patient has a greater chance of getting kidney infection, flank pain, high fever, or other complications.’
    • ‘Having had a few go-rounds with her own former mother-in-law, Moby Dick, she is always interested in how these little dramas play out.’
  • 3North American One of a series of instances of doing or attempting something.

    ‘we will have to have another go-around with that lesson before we are ready to move on’
    ‘this is her second go-round as a councillor’
    • ‘Larry Summers, he adds, got it in the next go-round.’
    • ‘Credible, who's been an adequate performer so far, has not yet had the mic or ring time to make a lasting impression in his second go-around in the federation.’
    • ‘This was a consulting firm recommended by Novell; and in a future go-round, Hensley might conduct an independent comparison of possible support suppliers.’
    • ‘I kinda went unbalanced during the first go-round.’
    • ‘But Jane, darling, I believe mother caught on during the second go-round.’
    • ‘Seven years ago, the airline had been a flying basket case, a perennial money loser facing a third go-round in bankruptcy court.’
    • ‘I think everyone went in with the interpretation that this is the first go-round.’
    • ‘After two go-rounds, I still find it difficult to write about Home Movies.’
    • ‘On the first go-round, the results are predictable.’
    • ‘‘Whips itself took several years to come to market, and our chocolate work took us a couple of years also, in our latest go-round,’ Waldron explains.’
    • ‘I always do the great rides at least twice. When I went back for a second go-round at Big Foot a couple weeks later, I enlisted a group of fun-hogs rather than strong-hogs with the goal being to explore the world, not conquer it.’
    • ‘If you missed it on its first go-round (and based on average ratings numbers, about 290,000,000 of you did), and you think you might fit the profile, by all means give it a chance.’
    • ‘These signs, too, I remember from the last go-round.’
    • ‘His second go-round as a coach hasn't produced the victories he would have liked, but he has continued to make progress with the team management has provided.’
    • ‘The good news is that the manufacturers say the 2007 engines should be fuel-neutral at worst, and it's possible they may even recover some of the fuel degradation experienced during the last go-round.’
    • ‘I hadn't thought of this in the first go-round, but your mention of the Sufi story about looking for lost keys under the lamppost reminded me of this story.’
    • ‘Why he had again gotten involved with ‘that cult’, as she thought of it, she didn't know, but he seemed more passionate about it this time than he had in the first go-round.’
    • ‘Four years ago, researchers discovered that a mere 17 per cent of Canadians could pass the same citizenship exam that 90 per cent of immigration applicants pass on the first go-round.’
    • ‘This is the third go-around for clearance talks, and each round has been punctuated by skirmishes.’
    • ‘Everyone eventually comes back for a second go-round.’
    1. 3.1 A round of a rodeo competition.
      ‘the first winners are those cowboys who win each go-round’



/ˈɡoʊ əˌraʊnd/