Definition of gnathostomulid in US English:


adjective & noun

  • See Gnathostomulida

    • ‘Each gnathostomulid is simultaneously hermaphrodite, possessing an ovary and a testis.’
    • ‘Perversely, they failed to include any sequences from rotifers, gnathostomulids, chaetognaths, or, in fact, anything that might actually be comparable to Acanthocephala.’
    • ‘The eggs leave the body by bursting out through the adults body wall, healing of the adult is quick and there is no larval stage, the egg hatching directly into a small but adult gnathostomulid.’
    • ‘How many are familiar with the more obscure groups such as gnathostomulids, kinorhynchs, priapulids and cycliophorans?’
    • ‘The gnathostomulid body can be divided into a head and a trunk, and in some cases a small offset tail.’